Restaurant's website to be redesigned

Santino's NY Pizza

Santino's Italian Cuisine

Goals: To bring more customers and to have them consume good quality food. Also, so the restaurant's profit can increase.

Target Audience: For everyone to enjoy our food and service.

We look through many pizza restaurant websites such as: That Pizza Place Blackbird Pizza Napoli's Pizza Kitchen and most of them have a modern look, which actches our attention, but also one thing we can notice is that majority of them have them menus in categories and sub categories, that makes it look more organized and that is what we want for this website.


First of all what i noticed is that there is a biography of the restaurant and it is great because it gives a brief history of how the restaurant came to be. Second thing I noticed that works is that there is a variety of food choices in the menu which gives more options to the customer. The dishes include the prices and descriptions, which works because whenever we buy food we want to now how much it costs and what is the description of the food. It's great that it has it's business hours on the page. Also, the page has an online order service which is great because some customers prefer to order food online than through a phone call.

Does not work

What could use some improvement so customers have an easy time navigating through Santino's Italian Cuisine's website, is that the layout of this page is to stiff. There is some hierarchy in some titles but, titles, sub-titles, and descriptions were done in the same font. It would work best if it was in a different style. Also, what i found that did not work is the layout of the menu. It has too much info on the side of the page, which can get boring to read. I believe it would work best if certain foods were seperated in categories/subpages, that way the customer can get to what they are looking for with ease. Also, organizing everything in the page so it has more of a presentable look. Also, work on the image quality of the logo. Overall this page could be great organiztion and good layout, so it can be pleasing to the customer.

My Goal

My goal is by redesigning this page in 16 weeks or less, it will be more pleasing to the eye, organizing all the info that it contains, and it'll be important to the customer because presentation and quality is the key factor on what the costumer will consume. As the costumer consumes more, there will be more profit to the business, but like I said it all comes down to presentation. Thank You.