Project 5: Design Comps

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Home: Tablet
Home: Web
Menu: Mobile
Menu: Tablet
Menu: Web
Positive Feedback:
  • 1. Clean design

  • 2. Liked logo

  • 3. Liked typeface choices

  • 4. Liked the light-blue color on the buttons

  • 5. Liked the name of restaurant resting over the image on the home page

  • 6. Especially liked the script choice for the headers and nav links

  • 7. Good use of imagery to break up text in menu

  • 8. Simplistic functionality easy to use

  • 9. Good choice of footer placement on web and tablet

  • 10. Eye-catching home page
  • Constructive Feedback:
  • 1. On Menu page, try moving titles below images so they're easier to read

  • 2. On Menu page, could also try a backlit effect behind the text (try a color similar to colors in photo) so that the text pops a little against image

  • 3. Try a different typeface for the newsletter form and button - a bit hard to read as a smaller font

  • 4. For footer on mobile, try centering everything. Justified left looks like it's incomplete

  • 5. For the footer, try bigger text so it's even more easier to read

  • 6. For font colors, make sure they're legible against black background

  • 7. Try bigger font size for menu so it's easier to read

  • 8. Try making footer bar a little smaller (but font size still bigger)

  • 9. Yellow color on subheaders might be hard to read

  • 10. Try moving submit button next to email form on the newsletter signup form