Project 3: Style Tiles

Style Tile Version 1
Style Tile Version 2
Positive Feedback:
  • Overall, Style 1 is warmer and matches the restaurant “brand” more

  • Style 1 has a homier feel

  • Style 1 matches Broadway/Downtown nightlife location better

  • Adjectives on Style 1 were really good and matched what the restaurant represents

  • Script typeface was good
  • Constructive Feedback:
  • On Style 1, maybe subhead typeface can be more bold

  • Style 2 doesn’t match restaurant brand as well as Style 1

  • Style 2 is too modern and clean for the restaurant feel

  • Think about designing with the downtown location (it's the only location - more authentic and homey) and homemade pasta sell in mind

  • Style 2 doesn’t consider the downtown lifestyle as much either