Project One: Research

Maccheroni Republic

Chosen Project Restaurant

What works:

What doesn’t work:

Competitor Sites

Visual design: Looks modern and trendy. Image heavy for the most part until you get to the “About” and “Community” pages which get very text-heavy

Content: Might be too content-heavy with too much information/reading. A lot of confusing content available such as articles from other publications, a page about “friends & neighbors” of Bestia, etc. This makes the “call to action” confusing for a first time visitor of the restaurant.

Navigation: Can be confusing. With a main navigation bar up top, I didn’t actually see the sub-nav on the menu until I scrolled down and wondered why there wasn’t more. The only reason why I would know there was more to look for is because I’ve been here before. A new potential patron may miss this. The good thing about the navigation is that they highlight boldly the Shop, Gift Cards, and Reservations buttons up top.

Visual design: Looks very modern and trendy. Light, airy colors with a lot of negative space. Design is easy to look at/navigate and very clean. Not too much scrolling is needed either.

Content: Straightforward content with the necessary information needed and nothing too extraneous. Call-to-action is very clear on the home page. Either view menu, shop, or join the mailing list. It also clearly announces a new location coming. Menu content is simple and straightforward, with an easy-to-see menu gallery to the right of the menu — nice touch for patrons who want to see the food before they order/visit. These thumbnails are easy to see, but clicking on them enlarges them and keeps you on the page you’re on.

Navigation: Nav bar is very clear to see and understand. Subpages are very easy to navigate as well, with clear CTAs such as “Order Online” listed out both on the menu page as well as static on the top right hand of the main nav bar. All other CTAs on the various subpages are loud and clear as well.

Visual design: Liking the typeface choice and overall look and feel. Seems to match the restaurant and logo very well. Homepage is a simple takeover of an image of the restaurant overlaid with basic restaurant information including address, phone and hours. The visual design is to-the-point and clean, while still using a large image.

Content: Straightforward and only the necessary info needed such as menu (broken up into dinner, lunch, etc.), group dining info, and reservations. CTAs are loud and clear. I like the announcement at the top of the website that lets patrons know they are open for brunch on Sundays. I like that the main information (hours, address, etc.) are front and center and easily found.

Navigation: Nav bar is easy to find and navigate, but I wish the subnav (Dinner, Lunch, Brunch, etc.) would stay open when you click on one of them. It doesn’t highlight which menu you’re on if you click between dinner, lunch, etc., and to navigate to the next menu, you have to click “Bread & Wine” to navigate down again.

Goals + Target Audience

Maccheroni Republic is aiming to hit the older millennials target (ages 25-34). The target consists of working adults who enjoy eating out and going out

The business goals are to bring more customers to the restaurant, and to gain more repeat customers

In order to do this, we need to determine whether or not a re-brand of the logo and look-and-feel would be necessary. Also need to decide on a new color scheme

Tasks for the new website: