Process & Production

Prof. Ian Besler

In-Class Activity

“Affinities & Affections” Intro Presentations

Take an hour to create a brief presentation — either digitally or on paper, just so long as you can present it to the class — in order to share with everyone:

  • Your name, and how you’d like everyone to refer to you
  • Some imagery and information about recent project or creative work of yours
  • A designer/artist/creator whose work you admire
  • A “non-designed” object that you admire (the meaning of the term “non-designed” is open to your interpretation — take the opportunity to tell us a bit about what you thing “design” and “non-design” mean to you)
  • An everyday object that you think is not adequately appreciated by most people, and what you like about it

We’ll reconvene in an hour and use these presentations as a way to introduce ourselves to the rest of the group!