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Exercise #1: Just ASCII About Me

Project #1: Research

Exercise #2: Getting to Know URL

Project #2: Sitemap

D for DIV Exercise (Peter Halley, Horizontal Prisons)

D for DIV Exercise (Bruno Munari, Negativo Positivo 2)

D for DIV Exercise (John McLaughlin, Untitled)

Project #3: Style Tiles

Project #4: Wireframes

Project #5: Design Comprehensives

Restaurant Website Prototype

Project# 6: Revised Design Comps

Final Project

Artists I Admire


I found this graphic designer on instagram that specializes in posters, album covers and merch design. I'm not that great at using grids when designing so I wish to become as good as him/her.

Young Unlucky Broken Vibes


Haashouse product photography

Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski

Kefan Wang

Yellow Over Yellow