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Here is the pop quiz for the next week About Me Social Media Exercise #1 CSS Box Model D for DIV Exercise (Peter Halley, Laws of Rock) D for DIV Exercise (Bruno Munari, Negativo Positivo 2) D for DIV Exercise (John Mclauglin, Untitled) D for DIV Exercise (Steven Alexander, P1 20) Paper Website In Class Demo: CSS3-Animation In Class Demo: CSS-Transform Sample Platter In Class Demo: Screensaver Project 2 Rough 1 Project 2 Rough 2 Project 2 Rough 3 Project 2 Rough 4 Project 2 Rough 5 Project 2 Final 1 Project 2 Final 2 Project 2 Final 3 Final Website In-Class Demo: Responsive Web Design My Final Webstie Here is a link to my Google Here is a link to Pratt's website