Project #1: Market Research


For this project I chose Casa Bianca Pizza Pie in Eagle Rock, California.

The website has a homepage that is a little text heavy. There can be other sections to place the information they have on there. The site isn't very well organized. They have a gallery section that allows you to expand their images but they have very few images of their menu. They only have one form of social media and the link is broken.


Blair's Restaurant: great layout, east to use, no logo on site, two instagram icons, no menu on site but linked on "order now" section to a different site
Scarantino's Italian Inn: well organized, downloadable menu, images of highlighted items, pages do not scroll smoothly, background images could be better, google maps not working properly
Bestia: well organized, great layout, menu with sub-heads, good typography, interesting logo, sticky nav, a lot of content about the community and blogs


What questions need to be answered in order to complete this project?

What tasks do we need to complete in order to successfully design this website?

What issues need to be solved?

What is our schedule?