Jaycee Cary – SMC, Web Design 2, Spring 2020


Project #1: Market Research

Below is the restaurant whose website I have chosen to analyze and redesign for the final project.

Dear John's Bar : chosen restaurant

Dear John's is classic old-school bar and steak house. Opened in 1962 near Sony Studios, Dear John's became the watering-hole for the Hollywood elite with Frank Sinatra often in the corner playing the piano Two seasoned chefs and entrepreneurs have teamed up to re-open Dear John’s with an updated classic American menu and cocktail list. There website is ripe for updating as well.

What Works

  • The "About" page is descriptive. Dear John's has a colorful history.
  • The site is adequately responsive

What Doesn't Work

There are many things about this site that could be better:
  • The site is overly simple with a monochromatic palette and flat, uninspired design
  • There is very little photography
  • Logo and wordmark are rough
  • No gallery or interactive elements
  • No breakpoint for Tablets
  • Site offers little interest or dynamism
Dear John's Bar website

Competitive Analysis

Below are three restaurants and bars that we shall study to find similarities and difference against our chosen site. .

comp study #1 : The Dresden Room

comp study #2 : Melody Bar & Grill

Melody Bar & Grill has gathered diners and bar goers in mid-century comfort and luxury since 1952. Melody was a prominent steak house through the 1980s and became a sports bar in the 90s. Today Melody is a neighborhood bar and lounge, that offers customers a modern experience, serving incredible food and providing popular entertainment.

What Works

  • The bar has a good logo and branding.
  • The home and splash pages are striking and colorful.
  • The Home page features engaging interactions and rollover effects.
  • This site is responsive.

What Doesn't Work

  • The site's design flattens and lacks continuity as you go deeper into it.
  • There is no photo gallery.
  • The social media links are lacking and Instagram feels disconnected from the main site.
  • The catering page doesn't offer navigation links to get back to the main site.
Melody Bar & Grill website

comp study #3 : The Arthur J

What Works

The Arthur J is a neighborhood steakhouse right in the heart of Manhattan Beach. They offer the best USDA Prime, True Japanese Wagyu, and Black Angus Beef cooked to perfection over a natural wood fire with friendly thoughtful service. Matched with our wine list which caters to a wide variety of wine lovers at both value price-points and the ultra-exclusive.
  • The bar has an exceptional logo and branding.
  • The color palette is rich and luxurious.
  • Good photography and gallery that capture the sophistication and elegance of the restaurant.
  • Site features a Spotify playlist. Very cool.
  • Extensive Soc Med (included Twitter and Spotify)
  • This site is responsive.

What Doesn't Work

  • The Menu is in PDF format. PDFs are not optimal for mobile users.
  • Poor UX on Contact page. Navigation (and thus content) is easy to miss
  • Usage of carousels is not the best. They are not automated for easy viewing.
The Arthur J website

Goals & Target Audience

GOAL: Like many businesses, the goal of this website is to increase interest and exposure for the restaurant and ultimately to increase business. The new site will do this by creating a sense of excitement and energy.

TARGET: The target audience for this restaurant and site is patrons who enjoy classic cocktails and good food in a clubby, nostalgic ambiance. Older patrons will enjoy it as well due to fair pricing, personal service, and a killer jukebox. This will not be a place of hottest and newest trends in food, drink, or music. This is classic only.

COURSE OF ACTION: In order to fully utilize the built-in coolness of this bar and grill, we need to really improve the website. This will take several steps but should be easily done with the existing resources. I propose to do the following: