Project One Research

The restaurant I chose is Alibi Room

It's probably my favoite food in Los Angeles (technically Culver City). It's a fusion food combining the iconic and traditional Mexican dishes with savory and flavorful bursts from Korean Barbeque. The food is delicious and the bar hits on the same level. Being in Culver City, there's a ton of competition for the coolest restaurant/bar in town. In fact, it's right accross the street...literally. Two rival bars (Alley Lounge and Fin) sit across the street with similar attractions. Even Asian cuisine as the focal point for one. The third restaurant is just a block down the same street. Since they're all in the same location, it may literally come down to the website to be the difference-maker for new-comers. I think all of the websites actually managed to capture the modern, cool, sophisticated, and high-end feel they were each going for. i think there could be a few adjustments for the Alibi website that could really help bring them to the top.

For instance, they could get rid of the pop-up that rears its ugly head every time on the home page. It would be nice to have photos of the dishes next to the dish name (at least for a few menu items) on the menu. The food is afterall the definig factor for them. The same can go for the drink menu. I think they could also use add a gallery tab on the navigation bar since people always want to see what the venue and food looks like before going. The homepage is a bit too much going on when you're scrolling down. They should focus on more call to actions. Also, maybe add the hours of operation near the top. Maybe add a subpage for customer reviews and critics. Also, I think they should tag or associate itself with the Kogi truck since many people go there for the food that started at the truck. Those are a few ideas that came to mind.

I think they could do a better job of appealing to more young people. Right now their main audience is middle aged from 30 years old and up.

Here are the links to the my project website as well as the three rivals:

Alibi Room Fin Alley Corner Door

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