Market Research


Alondra Hawt Wingz ©

Paramount, CA

Website Here

Competitive Analysis

Buffalo Wild Wings

Downey, CA

Website Here

The Red Chickz

Los Angeles, CA

Website Here

Wing Stop

Los Angeles, CA

Website Here

Goals and Target Audience


Intiguing and inviting website, crisp, clean and flowing layout. Easy to access on all devices to allow for exposure to the restaurant. Making the online ordering easy and interactive so the restaurant can open their own ordering system rather than relying on Postmates

Target Audience

Foodies, sports fans and families. Foodie clients will allow for exposure to the restaurant. Sports fans will spread the word by inviting friends to watch the games together etc. Families will remain the static clients and continue to spread by word of mouth

Questions to Answer

What questions need to be answered in order to complete this project?

What tasks do we need to complete in order to successfully design this website

What issues will need to be solved?

What is our schedule?